Prediction: Bayern Munich 2022 Teamgeist Jersey Leaked

Following the exclusive leaks of various other Adidas Teamgeist remake shirts, we want today offer our prediction of what we think Bayern's will look like.

So far, we were only able to confirm the fact that Bayern will get a Teamgeist jersey but not it's exact design. So this prediction, which we rate at a conservative 75% accuracy, is based on other items from the club's Teamgeist collection.

Bayern Munich 2022 Teamgeist Kit

This is our prediction of the Bayern Munich 2022 Teamgeist shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Bayern München 2022 Teamgeist football shirt is mainly red with navy side panels and white applications, including a central Adidas logo on the upper front.

As is common with the template, the design of the side panels continues onto the lower back of the Adidas Bayern München 2022 Teamgeist football shirt.

Stay tuned for more details and hopefully a full leak of the Bayern München 2022 Teamgeist strip leading up its release in early November.

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Made by Adidas. What's your verdict on Bayern Munich's Teamgeist jersey? Comment below.