El Clásico Logo Revealed

Spanish LaLiga has presented a special brand identity for El Clásico, the famous match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is officially called "ElClasico".

With the new "ElClasico" brand identity, La Liga wants to "give one of the most iconic and popular sporting showdowns on the planet a unique and highly recognizable visual identity".

The new "ElClasico" logo draws its inspiration from the shared emotion that exists between footballers and fans the world over. It is an inclusive brand that does not set a distance between the stars and their supporters, but rather brings them closer together and helps fans feel that they are very much an integral part of the game.

ElClasico Branding

The new El Clásico logo features custom typography that has an energetic style, sharp angles, and verticality. The symbol that separates Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will replace the usual "vs." and will be the icon that best represents ElClasico.

The branding project’s aim is to reflect the DNA of what this legendary encounter symbolizes: rivalry, strength, passion, technology, innovation, dynamism, entertainment, and globality.

It is certainly the world's first football duel with its own logoLaLiga is preparing a major launch of this new visual identity to coincide with the next ElClasico, set to be played in October.

LaLiga also announced it will more prominently promote the league's other most iconic matches, including El Gran Derbi, El Derbi de Madrid, El Derbi Vasco, among others. We do not think La Liga will release special logos for all of these matches, however.

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What do you think of LaLiga now having a special logo for one match? Do you like the El Clásico logo? Comment below.