How to Spot Fake Kappa Venezia Shirts

Making their debut with Kappa this season, Venezia's outstanding collection of jerseys have proved extremely popular.

So popular in fact that they are getting more and more difficult to get hold of, which has prompted some interested buyers in pursuing the second-hand market for a deal. But turns out, places like eBay are filled with fakes, which can be tricky to tell apart from the real thing sometimes.

A few days ago, @ForzaVeneziaUK offered a detailed look at what Kappa Venezia 21-22 away fake shirts look like and how they can be detected.

First off, the original Venezia 2021-22 away is of a light beige base color, while most fakes are plain white.

Another key detail is the club badge, which features the green and red of the Italian flag. Some fakes misinterpreted this detail as being gren and orange, i.e. club colors.

Further possible details to spot a fake can be the seams as well as Kappa's authenticity badges and tags.

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