Insigne Receives Special Adidas Copa Sense Italy Euro 2020 Title Boots

Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne has shown off a special pair of Adidas Copa Sense boots that celebrate him winning the UEFA Euro 2020 title with Italy this summer.

We expect Lorenzo Insigne to debut his custom Adidas Copa Sense Euro 2020 title celebration cleats against Udinese on Monday night.

Adidas Copa Sense Insigne Euro 2020 Title

This image shows the Adidas 'Insigne Euro 2020 Title' Copa Sense boots.

The Adidas 2021 Copa soccer cleats for Insigne to celebrate Italy's Euro 2020 title add golden, blue and the colors of the flag of Italy (red / white / green) to the regular Adidas Copa Sense cleats from the Meteorite Pack.

Insigne's new Adidas Copa Sense cleats come with Insigne's inscription on the outstep.

Insigne's Euro 2020 title celebration Adidas Copa Sense cleats are identical to the launch edition looking at features.

Adidas Copa Sense+ 'Insigne Euro 2020 Title' - Features

  • Completely revamped from previous generation
  • Laceless (+) and laces (.1) versions
  • K-Leather forefoot: Premium k-leather in the forefoot for supreme comfort and feel
  • U-throat collar constructions allows for ease of entry for all foot types.
  • Sensepods: Foam pods anatomically placed around the heel creating a hyperanatomical fit by filling the k-leather in the forefoot
  • Touchpods: Foam poads on lateral and medial side provide better ball control
  • New sole plate
  • Not Available to buy

The boots were delivered to Lorenzo Insigne in a special black box with the golden lettering "Wembley, 11/07/2021" and the colors of the Italian flag as brushstroke. They are not available to buy.

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