Jordan PSG 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

The first pictures of the Jordan PSG 2022-23 pre-match shirt got leaked a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Ofoball.

Although not 100% confirmed at this point, this will very likely be the away pre-match shirt, matching the brand and colors of the leaked away shirt for next season.

Jordan PSG 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

Paris Saint-Germain 2022-23 Away Pre-Match Football Shirt

This is the Paris Saint-Germain 22-23 pre-match jersey, made by Jordan.

The Jordan PSG 2022-23 away pre-match shirt is black and grey with a grund all-over pattern print and white / grey logos.

Based on a new template that's very similar to Nike's 2022-23 match kits, the club logo on the Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 22-23 pre-match football shirt was recolored in black and white to match the overall theme.

PSG 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Made by Jordan. Do you like or not like Paris Saint-Germain's pre-match football shirt? Comment below.