Nike Liverpool Keeper Kit Swooshes To Always Match Player Kits

If you watched yesterday's Premier League match between Brentford and Liverpool, you might have noticed that Alisson was wearing a special goalkeeper jersey. Thanks to @KB2X for making us aware.

Nike Creates Different Liverpool Keeper Kits To Match Player Kits Swoosh

Created by Nike exclusively for Liverpool, Alisson’s special home keeper top against Brentford featured the classic Futura Swoosh to match the Liverpool 21-22 third kit. All other elements were the same as the usual green Liverpool goalkeeper jersey.

When Liverpool is wearing the home or away kits with the standard modern Swoosh, Alisson was/is wearing a matching keeper kit with the modern Swoosh.

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Nike's effort stands in contrast to Puma, who didn't care when Italy's goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was wearing an unfitting keeper kit.

Allison again warmed up in all-black (with the new pre-match jersey) before switching to the bright green keeper jersey for the match.

Alisson Wears Modified Version Of Nike Liverpool 21-22 Third Keeper Kit With Different Swoosh

Do you like that Liverpool's keeper kits have different Nike logos to match the kits worn by the outfield players? Share your thoughts in the comments below.