Pumas UNAM 2022 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - HInt At Very Classy 2022 Third Kit

The Nike Pumas UNAM 2022 pre-match jersey was leaked. Made by Nike, it will be worn for the warmup before 2022 Liga MX games. Pictures courtesy of OFOBALL.

Pumas UNAM 2022 Pre-Match Jersey

This is the new Nike Pumas UNAM pre-match shirt for 2022.

Introducing a bold look, the Nike Pumas UNAM 2022 pre-match shirt combines the colours maroon, golden and navy through the means of alternating broad hoops on the front, sleeves and back. A simple red crew-neck collar adds to the appearance.

The logos on the chest are golden, including a recoloured golden version of the club's badge on the left chest. DHL's sponsor logo underneath is navy, while the one of Banca Mifel is maroon.

The Nike Pumas UNAM 2022 pre-match football shirt will be available from January 2022.

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Made by Nike. What's your opinion on Pumas UNAM's pre-match jersey? Comment below.