Venezia Trick Serie A To Wear Kits With "Two Badges"

Update: Venezia have made a little edit to their kits that they believe allow them to wear both the Venezia text and the club crest on their kits, it has been revealed by @ForzaVeneziaUK.

To convince Serie A their ‘sponsor is a reference to the City and not the football club, the Venezia ‘sponsor' logo was updated with a 𝟙𝟞𝟘𝟘 hologram pattern - a number which celebrates the number of years since the City’s founding.

Venezia face the possibility of a fine from Serie A

Venezia face the possibility of a fine from Serie A according to @ForzaVeneziaUK.

Last season, Venezia's kits featured the lettering "Venezia Football Club", a clear reference to the soccer club and not the city.

In FIFA 22, Venezia's kits do not feature the club crest but only the Venezia lettering on the front just as it was the case in the first Serie A matches.

19 September 2021: Venezia Wear Kits With Badge & Team Name For First Time

In the Serie A match against Spezia today, Venezia wore their 21-22 Kappa kit for the first time as it was intended.

Serie A usually just allows "one club logo" on a football shirt - the Venezia text on the front was considered as a club logo. Now Serie A seems to have changed their opinion.

Venezia Debuts Kits With Both Logos On 4th Serie A Match Day

Just as the kit was released, the Kappa Venezia kit worn against Spezia featured the club logo on the left chest and the Venezia text on the front.

3rd match day

What was missing compared to the launch was still the tri-color flag in the center between the Kappa logo and the Venezia badge.

1st match day

Stay tuned for more info on why Serie A now allowed it.

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