Alexander-Arnold Wears Pink Boots to Pay Homage to Cancer-Surviving Aunts

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold laced up in a pair of pink boots recently, including in the match against Brighton yesterday.

As explained in an interview with Under Armour, raising breast cancer awareness is personal Alexander-Arnold.

Highlighting the stories of his aunts Cathy and Carmen, who've both survived breast cancer, the boots feature their names stitched onto them.

There’s nothing that I could do on or off the pitch that will ever come close to matching what they have endured and how hard they fought through it. There were dark days, and there were times when they felt incredibly weak, but every time I saw them going through their treatments, they always had a smile and a laugh. It’s a kind of strength that I had never seen before.

The boots are based on the UA Clone Magnetico Pro model. They feature a custom design that combines carious shades of pink - the overall color is more of a pale pink while the detailing is applied in a darker, more saturated shade of the color.

Wearing pink boots, Alexander-Arnold joins various clubs and players around the world who've used their prominence to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer and cancer in general.

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