All Leaked Nike 22-23 Kits - Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, Inter, PSG & More

The 2022-23 season will not begin before August 2022. However, despite the first 22-23 kit releases also still around 7 months away, many Nike 2022-23 kits got already leaked. We take a compact look at all of them.

Leaked Nike 22-23 Kits

For the 22-23 season, Nike has created a streamlined new template. It is loosely inspired by Nike's popular T90 templates of 2002-2004.

Nike's template is inspired by the classic Total90 model

None of Nike's leaked kits for the 2022-2023 season introduces revolotuionary new colors, while Atletico's has a very modern take on the team's famous red and whize stripes.

Please note that some of the leak drafts come without the Swoosh, and some show the Small Kids' versions. Those slightly differ from the final look.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit

The Nike FC Barcelona 2022-2023 home shirt is predominantly dark blue with both royal blue and red stripes on the front.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit

The Nike Barcelona 2022-2023 away jersey is very close to what was expected. It is gold with monochrome navy logos.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Third Kit

Completing the set, the Nike FC Barcelona 22-23 third jersey is light grey, almost white, combined with a blue-and-red cross on the front.

Chelsea 22-23 Home Kit

Standing out to the Chelsea 21-22 home shirt, the Nike Chelsea FC 2022-23 home jersey is all blue with a white / turquoise henley neckline.

Chelsea 22-23 Away Kit

Sharing its colors and theme with the home shirt, the Nike Chelsea FC 2022-2023 away shirt is predominantly white with four teal hoops that carry the same pattern that could be seen on the collar of the home shirt.

Inter 2022-23 Home Shirt

Based on a variation of Nike's template for 2022, the Nike Inter 2022-2023 home jersey features broad black and blue stripes on the front, back and sleeves.

Liverpool 22-23 Home Kit

The Nike Liverpool 2022-2023 home jersey introduces a very clean and classy design in dark red and white, based on the same template as the leaked Atlético shirt for 22-23.

Liverpool 22-23 Away Kit

The Nike Liverpool 22-23 away football shirt is dark green (Deep Ocean) with an abstract graphic covering the front and sleeves, while the logos are red.

Nike Atletico Madrid 2022-23 Home Shirt

The Nike Atlético 2022-2023 home football shirt boasts a fresh take on the club's traditional white and red stripes. The Nike Atlético Madrid 22-23 home jersey comes with waving stripes.

PSG Nike 2022-23 Home Kit

After 21-22's plain shirt, the Nike PSG 2022-23 home jersey is blue with a white center stripe, surrounded by thinner red stripes - a reverse Hechter if you will. The back is solid blue.

Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 22-23 Away Shirt

The Jordan PSG 2022-23 away jersey introduces a new look in grey with a black center stripe that fades in the center to make room for the ALL Accor Live Limitless sponsor.

Tottenham Hotspur 2022-2023 Home Jersey

Based on the same template as a few other Nike 2022-23 kits including Chelsea and Hertha Berlin's, the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 22-23 home jersey is predominantly white with a circular seam across the chest.

Tottenham Hotspur FC Nike 2022-2023 Away Kit

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur FC 2022-2023 away shirt has a modern yet simplistic design. The Nike Spurs 22-23 away shirt combines a blueish-purple base with dark navy (almost black) sleeves and a white logo. What stands out is the Volt collar.

Corinthians 2022-2023 Home Jersey

The Nike Corinthians 2022-2023 football shirt introduces a modern yet classy look. It is mainly white with black and golden detailing.

Hertha Berlin Nike 2022-23 Home Kit

The Nike Hertha Berlin 2022-2023 home shirt is based on Nike's new template for 2022-23, which we already got an early look at via a number of leaked training products a while back.

Galatasaray 2022-2023 Home Jersey

Following up the diagonal design of the 2021-22, the Nike Galatasaray 22-23 jersey brings a more traditional halved design. The right half of the Nike Galatasaray 22-23 home jersey is yellow and the left half is red.

Nike will launch the new 22-23 kits from May 2022 (home) until September 2022 (third).

Do you like Nike's designs for the 22-23 season? Which is your favorite? Comment below.