Emporio Armani's EA7 Kits Are Made By Kappa / In Same Factory

Update: Pictures showing off the EA7 and Kappa Napoli kits next together confirm what was previously rumored. The material, seams and heat-printed logos are identical - the new Kappa Napoli EA7 kits are certainly made in the same factory as Kappa's kits. Big thanks to Subsidesports for the great comparison pictures.

For the 2021-2022 season, SSC Napoli have kits designed by EA7, the sports brand of Emporio Armani. Now images suggest that the kits are not produced by EA7...

EA7 Kits Have Same Labels & Material As Kappa Kits

As spotted by shirt collector @ChatShirt, the inner label of the EA7 Napoli shirt has the exact same shape as a standard Kappa logo - "Almost like these shirts have been produced by Kappa and just had an Armani label slapped on the inside".

The label is not the only thing that is identical. The material and fabric of the EA7 and Kappa 2021 kits are also the same, as added by La Casaca.

Another strong indicator that the EA7 kits are the same as those from Kappa are the materials - both the 20-21 Kappa and 21-22 EA7 kits are made from "91% polyester, 9% elastane".

Sleeves feature same fabric

All these things more or less confirm that the EA7 kits are made by Kappa, or at least in the same factory with the same materials as Kappa's kits.

EA7 is reported to make Napoli's for one season only. The EA7 Napoli 21-22 kits retail at 125 Euro.

EA7 will make Napoli's kits for one year onlyFor us, it seems pretty certain that Napoli's controversial president Aurelio De Laurentiis is involved in all this. It is also pretty certain that things did not work out as intended - EA7 seem to be an emergency solution after the club did not find a new kit maker paying what they wanted.

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