Dortmund Bring Back Nike 1993-94 Kit Design With Knitted Sweater

German Bundesliga club BVB bring back an iconic 1990s football kit design for the winter.

BVB 90s Knitted Sweater Men - Inspired By Nike 93-94 Home Kit

Mirroring the look of the famous Nike BVB 1993-94 home kit, the new BVB Knitted Sweater is neon-yellow with that famous graphic design from almost 30 years ago.

we wouldn't have thought BVB would be allowed to copy this Nike design

Tech-wise, the knitted BVB sweater is made from 100% cotton, designed for the cold months of the year.

Of course, the Nike Futura logo is missing. The classic ‘Die Continental’ sponsor is replaced in the same style by the ’09 Ball Spielverein’ (Football Club) wording.

We are pretty surprised that BVB copy the design of the Nike 93-94 kit - we would have guessed Nike own the intellectual properties of it.

BVB 90s Knitted Sweater Men - Features

  • Neon yellow BVB knitted sweater
  • In the retro style of a 1990s jersey
  • For a looser fit, we recommend ordering the jumper one size larger
  • With BVB logo and large 09 on the chest
  • 100% cotton
  • Release Date: October 2021
  • Price: 45 GBP

What do you think of the new BVB Knitted Sweater? Are you surprised that BVB are allowed to copy a Nike design? Comment below.