Green Jordan PSG Collection Released

Nike-owned Jordan brand today released a special new collection for French giants PSG.

The collection is made for the festive season

Special PSG Fall 2021 Collection - Noble Green

The new PSG 21-22 special collection features an unusual color combo - 'Noble Green' & 'Black'.

In terms of design, the Noble Green PSG items are the same as those of the regular Jordan PSG 21-22 collection.

The collection is off-pitch onlyPSG might wear the 'Green Noble' collection ahead of a match.

Fleece Pullover - 80 USD

MA-1-Jacket - 200 USD

Puffer Jacket - 180 USD

Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie

Wordmark Tee - 35 USD

Logo T-shirt - 35 USD

Logo T-shirt Black - 35 USD

Statement Fleece Hoodie - 100 USD

Statement Pants - 90 USD

Statement Cap - 25 USD

The Noble Green PSG 2021 collection was launched on 13 December 2021.

Do you like PSG in green? Would you like Jordan to release a Noble Green PSG kit? Comment below.