France To Wear UEFA Nations League Winners Badge?

For the first time in their history and as the second team ever, France won the UEFA Nations League on Sunday. Will the France national team wear a special badge on their shirt to honor the triumph?

France's kit with badges in the final against Spain

As 2018 World Cup champions, France is wearing the 2018 World Cup winners badge in the center top of their kits. They will certainly do so until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

France To Wear Nations League Winners Badge In 22-23 UEFA Nations League Likely

There is no official information about France's UEFA Nations League winners badge. In the official online store of the France national team, there is no UEFA Nations League winners badge available.

After Portugal won the first Nations League, they wore a special Nations League winners badge on the front, which was later moved to the left sleeve.

Portugal wore their winners badge on the left sleeveWe expect France to wear a Nations League winners badge on their left sleeve in the 22-23 UEFA Nations League and friendlies.

In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Portugal did not wear a badge for their Nations League triumph - instead, they wore the regular 2022 World Cup qualifiers badge on their left sleeve. France will certainly do so as well.

France won't wear the Nations league badge in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers likeöyWe created a mock-up of the possible look of the France UEFA Nations League champions badge on the left sleeve.

We expect France to debut the UEFA Nations League winners badge in the next international friendlies in March 2022 or in the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 fixtures in June 2022.

Make sure to also watch our for France's kit in the next 2022 World Cup qualifiers match against Kazakhstan on 13 November 2021, even though we don't think it is likely that France will wear their Nations League winners badge in that match.

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