How All Fake Premier League Teams Look In eFootball 2022

Japanese video game publisher some days ago released "eFootball 2022", the video game "replacing" PES. However, licenses are still not complete in eFootball 2022. We take a look at the fake Premier League in eFootball 2022.

Premier League "English League" in eFootball 2022

The Premier League is called English League in eFootball 2022. Only two teams are licensed - Arsenal and Manchester United.

Players of Pro Evolution Soccer should be familiar with most of the fake names and logos - since PES 2020, it is easy to identify the fake teams by their fake names (North East London became Tottenham WB, for example).

So far, we did not yet get a look at the fake jerseys as the current version of eFootball 2022 just includes 9 playable teams.

English League:

Newcastle WB
Leeds W
Burnley RB
Manchester United
Manchester B
Liverpool R
Everton B
Leicester B
Norwich YG
Wolverhampton YB
Aston RB
Watford BY
Tottenham WB
West Ham RB
Brentford RW
Chelsea B
Crystal Palace RB
Southampton RW
Brighton WB

PES 2022 to be Called "eFootball 2022" + New Logo Leaked?

You can check all eFootball 2022 stats and player ratings on PES Master.

What do you think of eFootball lacking all Premier League licenses except Manchester United and Tottenham? Comment below.