Leaked: Adidas Bayern München 22-23 Home Kit To Feature Black Telekom Logo?

The new Bayern München home jersey for 2022-23 could be the first in the club's history with black logos.

Bayern Munich 22-23 Home Kit Mock-Ups Based On Adidas Condivo 22 Training

What seems certain is that the Adidas Bayern 22-23 home kit will have a black/white Adidas logo. What is not sure yet is the color of the Telekom logo on the front - it could be white with a black border or black with a white border.

Bayern 2010-11 and 2017-18 home kits

In fact, the famous T on Bayern's logo has been black on the club's striped 2010-11 home kit when it was placed in a white box. In 2017-18, it was white with a black border.

We created two mock-ups of the Adidas Bayern 22-23 home kit based on the Adidas Condivo 22 training template - one with a black/white Telekom logo, another with a white/black one.

Mock-Up With Black/White T Logo

Mock-Up With White/Black T Logo

We think a white/black Telekom logo is more likely

Bayern Munich's 22-23 home kit will be launched in early May 2022, in time for the final Bundesliga home game of the 2021-22 season on 7 May 2022 against Stuttgart.

Would you like the Bayern 2022-2023 home kit to feature a black Telekom logo? Which logo color do you prefer? Comment below.