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Sporting Kits Feature GPS Tracker Logo In FIFA 22

If you are playing with Portuguese club Sporting CP in FIFA 22, you might notice an odd element on their kits...

STATSports provide teams like Juventus, Arsenal, and Liverpool

FIFA 22 Features Special Feature For Sporting Kits

The Sporting CP jerseys in FIFA 22 feature the logo of GPS tracker company STATSports. While this seems to be an error at first glance, it is likely not...

As pointed out by STATSports on LinkedIn, it is "incredible detailing from EA SPORTS on the new FIFA 22 game for the PlayStation 5. They’ve got Sporting Clube de Portugal wearing our live technology in-game, just like they would on a regular matchday".

It is not visible in real life

However, FIFA's 22 STATSports detailing is not really realistic. In real life, it is impossible to identify the STATSports tracker below the player shirts.

STATSports is the "world's leading player tracking & analysis provider in elite sports". They provide teams like Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool, PSG, and the US national team with player tracking systems. Only Sporting CP's kits feature the STATSports detailing in FIFA 22.

What do you think of FIFA 22 featuring that detail? Comment below.