Best & Worst Kits Ever In The History Of Premier League Top Clubs

We take a look at the most loved and dreaded kits ever of top Premier League clubs, as voted by the users from Football Kit Archive.

For an objective evaluation, we use the votes from Football Kit Archive.


Best - 1977-81 Home Kit (4.1 stars)

While this period was not particularly successful for the West London club, the home kit was definitely a highlight. It was made by Umbro and featured a clean design with the Umbro diamonds running along the shoulders.

The kit is a reminder of a dark time for Chelsea as they were in huge debt and got relegated to Division 2 again in the 78-79 season having just returned one year earlier.

In the last season with this home jersey, the Blues almost managed to survive another relegation, to Division 3 this time. It must be bittersweet to look at the shirt, but it brings back memories nonetheless.

The shirt doesn't outscore the rest in the top 10, however, as all of them have 4.1.

Worst - 1994-96 Away (1.9 stars)

A head-scratcher this kit. Umbro got it right with the 77-81 home shirt, not this on though. The kit was mostly in grey which already made it pretty dull. To combat this, Umbro added orange which, in our opinion, did not go well with grey.

The half striped half solid design didn't help either, it looked like they couldn't decide which design was viable so just threw everything into one.

But the design certainly fit the performance of Chelsea in both 94-95 and 95-96 as they finished both in 11th place.


Best - 1987-89 Home Kit (4.1 stars)

Somehow, like the Chelsea's best entry, Liverpool's finest also did not outright beat the others, and they all have the same score, too. Unlike the West London club however, this shirt represents one of the most successful period of the club.

One thing to note, Liverpool wore the same shirt for these two season, just with different sponsor.

The Merseyside club won the Division 1 in the 1987-88 season but missed out in the next one. They made it up by dominating the F.A Cup and Community Shield. It would take another 30 years for them to win the league again so no wonder that this particular kit was so loved.

Worst - 2012-13 Away Kit (2.1 stars)

This kit was not the worst, but the two above it were GK shirts. The Liverpool 12-13 Away uniform was not that bad. But Warrior definitely could have done away with that large grey yoke detail around the neck.

Sure it meant to celebrate the city's maritime heritage, but in terms of design it added nothing to the shirt, if not made it worse.

Could have been quite a looker with as a black kit, too.


Best - 2005-06 Home Kit (4.2 stars)

Okay, we're cheating a bit here. This is not the kit with the highest score, it was the 81-82 Home kit. But the latter was nowhere near impressive in terms of design, and that season was definitely not memorable at all.

On the other hand, the 2005-06 carries a lot of memories. First, this was the colour that the club wore initially from its' creation in 1886 to 1920. But more importantly, that season was the last time Arsenal played at the Highbury stadium.

It was not a successful season, but many will remember it. Plus, that clean design is hard to beat.

Worst - 2018-19 Home Kit

Puma's time with Arsenal could be described as forgettable. There was no design that actually stand out and the club's performance, while started out strong, was gradually getting worse.

The 18-19 season was Puma's last dance with the North London club. But while Nike signed off with an outstanding special edition shirt, Puma kept it bland.

The chart tells it too, the top 10 worst kits are dominated by Puma.

Manchester United

Best - 2007-09 ​Home Kit (4.2 stars)

It has got to be this isn't it. The most successful seasons in recent time for the Red Devil.

Winning the Premier League twice, edging out Chelsea in the 07-08 Champions League final, then two Community Shields, one EFL Cup and the 08/09 Club World Cup to top it off.

That clean red shirt with white vertical stripe on the back was definitely a scary sight for the opponents at the time.

Worst - 1995-96 Away (2.4 stars)

Mid 90s' was not very well in terms of design for Umbro. Like Chelsea's 94-96 Away, Manchester United's 95-96 Away shirt was in grey with even more grey noise pattern. Coupled that with the Sharp Viewcam sponsor was quite fitting.

And the even darker shades of grey in the bottom half of the shirt did not help the matter. At least the Red Devils won the Premier League that year.

It has the highest score with the lowest number of voters. But the 1984-85 Away shirt of Manchester City is the clear winner in the chart. The seasons it were used in were not too successful for the Citizens, either.

But the design has played a part in the history of the club and has been revised every once in a while.

There are rumours that next season will see its' return.

Worst - 2021-22 Third (2.4 stars)

The only entry in this list that is actually in used. Puma's new template for the alternate kits for their clubs this season has received overwhelmingly negative reviews.

It is no wonder that this and both keepers' alternative shirts are on the top of the worst Manchester City's kit.

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