Exeter City 22-23 Home Kit Design Revealed

The new Exeter City home jersey was decided yesterday. It is made by Joma and will be worn in the 2022-23 season.

Exeter City 2022-2023 Home Kit

This is the design for Exeter City 22-23 home shirt, made by Joma.

The Joma Exeter City 2022-2023 home shirt is option 1 of the three options offered to the fans by Exeter City. It has a striped design using red and white as the main colours.

White details can be found on the neck and cuffs.

The winning design is very similar to that of option 3, which has no white details on the cuffs and neck area. Meanwhile, option 2 has thinner stripes which fade at the hem and thicker white accents.

Made by Joma. What's your opinion on Exeter City's home shirt? Comment below.