Exclusive: Germany 2022 World Cup Home Kit Info Leaked

Update: We have updated our drafts of the Germany 2022 World Cup home kit with the leaked new Adidas logo.

We have major, exclusive news regarding the 2022 Germany home kit, which will be worn at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is now known what the colors of the shirt will be.

Germany 2022 Home Shirt

These pictures show the colors of the Germany 2022 World Cup home shirt, made by Adidas. Not much is known about the overall design yet, though.

To be used during the World Cup next year in Qatar, the Germany 2022 home jersey will combine a white base with black and metallic gold.

Germany's 2022 home jersey will combine a white base with black and metallic gold

The official name of the gold color is "Tactile Gold Metallic". As the name implies, this gold color will possess a metallic appearance, just like these other Adidas products pictured above.

Looking back at the past two decades, Germany's home kits have usually only featured a very minor amount of gold. Often it was just applied as a subtle touch, in order to have the colors of the German flag present in some form.

The most recent German home shirt to feature gold is in fact the 2020 jersey. However, the gold color is limited to just the sleeve tips in order to create the German flag. Also, this is not metallic gold, the color which will be seen on the 2022 home shirt.

Possible Red

As with most previous Germany home kits, a small touch of red might be used alongside the gold. This would likely be in order to create a German flag design, which will not play a major role if it appears on the 2022 Germany home shirt.

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