How Yugoslavia National Football Team's 1992 Uniform Ended Up Being Worn By Irish Clubs

It was a strange sight to behold, seeing football clubs in Ireland wearing uniforms of Yugoslavia

The year 1992 marked the end for the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The political turmoil meant that their national team got disqualified from EURO 92. In their place were the eventual champions Denmark.

Irish Clubs Wearing Yugoslavia's Kit

So how does this happened?

The Adidas' factory that produced replicas of FR Yugoslavia uniforms was left with an excess of unwanted stocks. With the Balkan nation out of EURO 92, there were, understandably, little interest in their kits.

A couple of small clubs in Ireland saw the chance to kit out their players with good equipment and decided to take the undesirable shirts.

Castle Celtic FC men's team were pictured below with the home attire of FR Yugoslavia. Courtesy of Museum of Jerseys for the findings of these findings.

Meanwhile, Cork's local club Leeds AFC used the kits for their junior team.

The FR Yugoslavia kits still saw action after EURO 92 in several friendlies that were played by the new Yugoslavia team, consisted of players from the two nations Serbia and Montenegro.

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