Maradona's Son Claims Family Did Not Authorize Napoli Tribute Kit

Napoli's Maradona tribute kit has left a bitter taste with Diego's son, Diego Júnior. He stated that the family was not involved in the process of coming up with the shirt, the shirt which Napoli will wear three times this month.

"The tribute shirt to my father is a source of pride, but I regret Napoli's lack of consideration. We, the legitimate heirs, were never involved in this and we did not give the go-ahead for this operation," said Diego Júnior.

He explained that authorization to produce the shirt with Maradona's likeness was given by Stefano Ceci, who was his father's agent.

"But this is a different situation and should involve the family members directly. A contract that no longer exists was considered valid, so we will take legal action. It is strange that a serious club like Napoli has given credit to this person," he concluded.

Explaining the claims of legal action, Diego Júnior said that this action was taken against the agent and not the club. Proceedings have already been initiated against Stéfano Ceci in Argentina so that he can stop taking decisions in cases related to Maradona.

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