Nike Systematically Destroy New Shoes In Recycling Program

American sportswear giant Nike have recently been found to intentionally destroy new shoes in their recycling program.

How The Secret Was Unveil

An investigation done by ARD, the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” and the research startup “Flip” called "Sneakerjagd" (Sneaker Hunting) has revealed that the recycling program done by Nike is not all what it seem to be.

The reporters ordered shoes directly from Nike in Germany. They then returned the items as per instruction. However, each return was tracked with their own GPS to see how it was handled.

They found out that the shoes were returned to the recycling centre in Herenthout, Belgium and destroyed there. The investigation also found that Nike employees recycle even new shoes that did not show any sign of damage or flaw.

This contradicts the statement made by a Nike spokesperson who talked to the reporters and claimed that only products “that show signs of possible damage or signs of wear” would be destroyed and “unworn and flawless items are being put back on the shelves for resale.”.

Potential Breach Of Germany Law And Fines For Nike

Under the German Recycling Management Act, destroying returned goods that are fit for use is prohibited in Germany.

“According to the waste hierarchy, avoiding waste has top priority and takes precedence over all other disposal measures such as recycling” says Christopher Stolzenberg, spokesman for the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

A fine of up to 100,000 euros will be issued if Nike is found to have broken the law. This would be a huge blow to the image that Nike have been building around of an environmental-friendly brand.

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