No More Six5Six - Reyaur Sports FC Goa 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

FC Goa's new 21-22 home, away and third shirts were released a couple of weeks ago. They are made by Reyaur Sports and will be worn in this season's Indian Super League campaign.

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Goa 2021-2022 Home Shirt

Check out Reyaur Sports' Goa 2021-2022 home shirt below.

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It is composed of an orange base as well as orange sleeves, with an interesting, sublte geometric line pattern on the front. The collar and sleeve cuffs are half blue, half white. The collar is round and has two buttons at the bottom.

FC Goa 2021-22 Away Shirt

Below is the FC Goa 21-22 away jersey.

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Mainly white, the away jersey is based on the same template as the home, but comes with a pinstripe design in navy blue. This color is also used together with orange on the sleeve cuffs and collar.

Goa 21-22 Third Kit

This is the Goa 2021-22 third shirt.
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Again based on the same template as the home and away jerseys, the third the Reyaur Sports Goa 21-22 third jersey is the most unique of the three. It has a black base with a map of the Indian state of Goa printed in grey on the front. The sleeve cuffs and collar once again feature a half-half design, this time in white and orange.

The FC Goa 21-22 jerseys retail at 1099 Indian rupees.

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