PSG 21-22 Fourth Kit Leaked?

We have been sent images of PSG's alleged 2021-22 fourth kit. But they are not the real deal...

Made by Jordan: PSG 21-22 Fourth Kit Info Leaked

Fantasy Design - PSG 21-22 Fake Fourth Jersey

The images show a white Jordan PSG jersey that matches the leaked info - a mainly white shirt with navy logos. However, only this is "correct".

Everything except the colors will differ

The leaked pictures not only show a counterfeit product but a fantasy design (99,99%). Nike's final design will (heavily) differ.

it is called "21/22 PSG Jordan White Jersey Player Version"The shirt is called "21/22 Jordan PSG White Jersey Player Version" in the fake store.

There is a second version with red details on the collar and sleeve cuffs. This makes it even more unplausible.

The official Jordan Paris Saint-Germain 21-22 fake fourth football shirt will be launched in late January / early February 2022.

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