Football Manager Kit Creator Launched - "Unofficial"

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FM Kit Creator Plus Ultimate can be also used for FIFA Kit Creator and PES Kit Creator.

December 2021: AMAZING: Football Manager Kit Creator Launched - "Unofficial"

There is certainly no better football-management simulation video game out there than Football Manager. Now a new tool give you the chance to create kits for your own or any other team - introducing "FM Kit Creator".

Check out FM Kit Creator and create your own kit.

FM Kit Creator - Independent Tool To Create Kits For Football Manager 22

FM Kit Creator is an online tool to create custom football kits for Football Manager. It has not been developed by Sega Sports but by an independent video game fan.

In fact, FM Kit Creator is made by the guys behind the PES and FIFA Kit Creators, and is using the same foundations as them.

The resolution of the kits is worse than in FIFA and eFootball (PES)

Templates & Graphics

Just as the kit creators for FIFA and eFootball (PES), FM Kit Creator allow you to create infinitely unique designs without needing any expert knowledge.

What makes the FM Kit Creator so awesome is the amount of features. There are almost 600 patterns and about 350 graphics available in FM Kit Creator. To make creating kits as easy as possible, there are also hundreds of logo and sponsor presets.


FM Kit Creator of course also allows you to download the so-called Minikits in the same style of the game, rounding off the great experience of creating kits.


Once you have finished your design, you can share your kit on FM Kit Creator Showcase. There you can also check out the works of other creators and download your favorite kits for FM.

Please be aware that many of the features are only available for Plus Members.

FM Kit Creator - Features

  • Independent online tool to create custom kits for Football Manager
  • Already more than 20 different templates
  • 100s of official patterns and graphics
  • 1000s of crests, badges and sponsor logos
  • Minikit generator
  • Showcase to share your kit and check out the kits of other creators

The FM Kit Creator is certainly also interesting even if you are not playing Football Manager - you can also use the tool for just creating custom kits.

You can also just design kits without playing the gameHowever, there is one downside with Football Manager kits and so also the FM Kit Creator - the resolution is worse (1024x1024) than those of FIFA and PES (4096x4096).

So we recommend using the FIFA Kit Creator or PES Kit Creator is you want to design kits just for fun or other purposes.

Check out FM Kit Creator and create your own kit.

Have you ever tried out Football Manager? Are you surprised by the amount of features of FM Kit Creator? Comment below.