Horrible Kit Clash Between Barcelona and Boca Juniors

Tonight, FC Barcelona and Boca Juniors orchestrated a friendly match at the "Maradona Cup", in honor of the legendary Argentinian player Diego Maradona. The event was held in Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

Massive Kit Clash

As is well known, both Barcelona's and Boca Juniors' home kits heavily feature the color blue. This means it is almost impossible to ever see these two clubs play against one another while both wearing their home uniforms.

Tonight however, this scenario came to fruition. Both teams were on the pitch in their home shirts, resulting in a lot of blue. The only major differences between the jersey colors are Barca's red stripes and Boca's yellow hoop.

We think both clubs were keen on wearing their recognizable home colors, which was ultimately the cause for this kit clash. Boca's customary yellow socks at least slightly helped differentiate the teams.

Funnily enough, opposing players can still be decently differentiated in close-up, pitch-side images. It is the wide angles shown in TV broadcasts that truly reveal this major flaw in uniform choice.

Had this match been officially organized by UEFA, FIFA or any other football association, a kit clash such as this one would never have occurred.

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