Dynamo Kyiv Wore Last Season's Third Kit Against Benfica

Last night against Dynamo Kyiv, Benfica had the oppurtunity to advance to the Champions League round of 16, which would knock out FC Barcelona in the process. The side from Lisbon won the match with ease, helping them progress to the next round.

There was one small anomaly however, which had to do with the Ukrainian side, who opted to wear last season's third shirt.

Dynamo Kyiv Wear Last Seasons Third Kit

Dynamo Kyiv announced before the match that they would be wearing their 2020-21 third shirt away against Benfica.

It is mainly black with horizontal green stripes across the front. Of course, this color combination does not clash with Benfica's red-white-red outfit.

Neither does the color combination of Kyiv's current away shirt, though. The 2021-22 Dynamo Kyiv away jersey has a navy blue base with a light blue graphic printed all over the front.

In fact, both the 21-22 away and 20-21 third shirts would work absolutely fine against Benfica's home jersey. Hence, the decision for Kyiv to wear a shirt from the previous season does not have anything to do with avoiding a kit clash.

We assume this was a purely aesthetic decsion by the Ukrainian club, as they did not mention any reason as to why their current away shirt was not worn. The old third jersey failed to bring them any luck, as they lost their 5th match out of 6, managing to score just one goal.

Dynamo Kyiv were unable to provide Barcelona any help in the Spanish club's round of 16 ambitions.

What do you think is the reason for Dynamo Kyiv reusing an old third shirt? Comment below.