Extraordinary: Doria Calcio Players Numbers Done By Hand

When it comes to modern kit preparation, we are so used to seeing plain numbers getting heat-pressed on the shirt. But with the recent release of small-sided team Doria Calcio's third kit, we get to see a more intricate step before the print.

Ezeta's Extraordinary Number Preparation For Doria Calcio's Third Kit

This is something you probably won't see on big clubs' kit due to UEFA regulation. The stunning graphic on the Doria Calcio's third shirt also present on the number so it takes some preparation, to put it lightly.

As seen in the video, while the number and its' graphic is already cut. The staff at Ezeta still need to remove the excess. But instead of using any industrial method, they use their own hands.

Of course, the clip is sped up so the whole process is compressed into a 22 seconds video so we imagine this meticulous process could take much much longer. And this is only for one player and one shirt, imagine doing so for the whole team.

At least, they don't have to do the same for the home and away shirts.

What do you think of Ezeta's hands-on approach to kit preparation for Doria Calcio? Let us know in the comment.