Nürnberg 21-22 Christmas Kit Released

German club Nuremberg released a special Christmas jersey inspired by the club legend Max Morlock. It was designed together with the fans from the Nordkurve.

FC Nürnberg wore the special Christmas Morlock jersey against Holstein Kiel on Saturday.

"Already since summer fans from the curve worked together with our employees on this special jersey. This cohesion makes us proud and continues the values for which Max Morlock also stood and still stands today," says Niels Rossow, Commercial Director of 1. FC Nuremberg.

Nürnberg 21-22 Christmas Jersey

Check out Adidas' Nürnberg 2021-22 Christmas shirt below.

The Adidas Nürnberg 21-22 Christmas shirt is inspired by the classic shirts worn by Max Morlock in the 1960s, whose silhouette is embossed on the right side. It was created using Adidas miTeam with some extra detailing added by the club and their partner 11teamsports.

The color scheme and design are based on the successful 1960s: a wine-red base color, an embroidered FCN logo that almost matches the logo from the championship year 1961, and a matching flock in a gold-like sand tone.

The neck area is adorned with a famous quote from Heini Müller about Marlock.

"In Max Morlock we had a captain you would have liked to take your hat off to even during the game".

2,500 limited copies were available for 90 Euro. They are already sold out. Five euros per jersey will go towards the Nordkurve Nürnberg's Christmas fundraising campaign.

Each of the 2,500 jerseys is also individually numbered. The jersey is issued and delivered in a specially designed gift box lined with tissue paper.

Made by Adidas. Do you like Nürnberg's Christmas shirt? Comment below.