To Feature Dark Blue - Wolfsburg 22-23 Home Kit Info Leaked

We can exclusively leak the colors of the VfL Wolfsburg 2022-23 home kit. It is made by Nike and will be worn in the next Bundesliga season.

VfL Wolfsburg 2022-23 Home Jersey

This picture shows the colors of the new Nike VfL Wolfsburg home jersey for 2022-2023.

The Nike Wolfsburg 22-23 home shirt is set to be Sub Lime with Coastal Blue details. There is no information yet regarding the jersey's overall design.

The 2022-23 Wolfsburg home shirt will be mainly Sub Lime

"Sub Lime" served as the main color for the 2020-21 Wolfsburg home jersey. Depending on the lighting, it can be an extremely bright shade of green.

A great example of the color "Coastal Blue" comes in the form of the Atletico Madrid 20-21 away jersey, which used said dark blue tone as its base.

Taking a look at Nike's previous Wolfsburg home shirts (six in total), it becomes apparent that blue has not been used very often. In fact, the last time blue appeared outside of the VW logo was for the 2017-18 season. Here it came in the form of the Nike logo, side stripes and the strip around the back of the collar.

Wolfsburg's 22-23 home shirt will however continue the trend of light green home jerseys, it will be the third in a row.

The shorts that go with the 22-23 Wolfsburg home kit are expected to be mainly "Sub Lime" with "Coastal Blue" details, fully matching the shirt. They could look something like the picture above.

Do you like that Wolfsburg is adding some more blue to their home shirt next season?