FC Bayern's Musiala Wears Shirt With Tolisso Print

Things at Bayern aren't going as smooth as usual at the moment. During the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach, which Bayern, who were without 13 first-team players, lost 2-1, Jamal Musiala was spotted wearing a shirt with the name of his team-mate Tolisso printed on the back.

Musiala Wears Tolisso Shirt

The error was caught on camera during the second half, but it's unclear whether Musiala wore the same shirt already before the break or switched during.

The same goes for how something like this could have happened and how Musiala could miss it when putting on the shirt.

One possible explanation for the misprint could be the similarity of the two players' shirt numbers - 42 for Musiala and 24 for Tolisso.

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