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FIFA Kit Creator 2022 Update Launched

In December 2020, an online tool to create custom kits has been launched - FIFA Kit Creator. Now the latest version of FIFA Kit Creator has been released, allowing to create and share custom kits more easily than ever before.

Create your own kit using FIFA Kit Creator


FIFA Kit Creator is an independent online tool to create custom football kits for the video game FIFA or just for fun. It includes 100s of different templates, graphics, and logos. The same creators also offer a PES Kit Creator and FM Kit Creator with a similar amount of features.

FIFA Kit Creator Version 1.2.2

The new Kit Creator Version 1.2.2 allows you to export GIFs of your football kits. You can now create short videos showing off a 360° view of your jerseys.

GIF Preview Export

Import from Saved

Other notable editions include the ability to import specific layers from saved kits as well as various useful presets such as preset background images for the image and GIF export.

You can create and share your own kits using FIFA Kit Creator Showcase


Have you already tested the FIFA Kit Creator? Which functions do you miss? Comment below.