Kit Chaos for Sudan - Two Different Kits Worn in One Match - Return to Adidas Teamwear

Keen-eyed viewers may have noticed something odd about Sudan in their match against Guinea-Bissau earlier. This involved the unusual kits they were wearing.

Kit Confusion for Sudan

Two things were off about Sudan's kits in last night's game.

Firstly, they were back in Adidas kits, which is odd since Sudan were wearing jerseys made by Solo Sport up until recently.

Promo footage on the official AFCON 2021 social media outlets confirms this kit supplier switch. Sudan have also been editing the Solo Sports logo out of their images recently.

Sudan AFCON 2021 Home Shirt

The second odd occurrance was only noticable after halftime.

Sudan started the match wearing red Adidas Tiro 13 teamwear jerseys, which are now nine years old.

However, when they stepped back onto the pitch for the second half, they were suddenly wearing the red version of the Adidas Tiro 17 teamwear shirt.

After all of this confusion, it is still not clear which of these two shirts is the designated home kit for Sudan. Only time will tell, as there are still at least two games to play for the Sudanese national team.

Sudan AFCON 2021 Away Kit

Check out Adidas' Sudan AFCON 2021 away jersey below.

Unfortunately for Sudan, a switch to Adidas means teamwear jerseys. Their white away jersey was shown for promotional material and is based on a 9-year-old teamwear template called "Toque 13".

Adidas combines the Sudan AFCON 2021 away jersey with white shorts and socks.

What do you think about Adidas' new home and away kits for Sudan? Comment below.