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Malawi's Africa Cup of Nations Kits Feature The Probably Biggest Numbers Ever

Malawi's kits in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations feature some extraordinarily big numbers.

The Malawi 2021 AFCON jerseys are made by the local brand Moto.

Malawi 2021 AFCON Kit Numbers

The Malawi 2021 AFCON kits have extremely large numbers on the back, and also quite large numbers on the front. With the large numbers, it is very easy to identify the players even from a far distance but it nevertheless just looks wrong.

UEFA block such large numbers

What is interesting is that there seems to be no regulation for number sizes by the CAF. UEFA's Equipment rules allow only numbers to have a height between 25–35cm.

Malawi appear to use the standard Arial Windows font

The font style itself is also very standard - it appears to be a preinstalled system typeface, more or less identical to Arial.

What seems to be bad with the numbers is that they appear to come off quite easily - see The No. 9 of substitute Richard Mbulu.

Have you ever seen similarly big numbers? Comment below.