RB Leipzig 22-23 Third Kit Info Leaked

Information regarding RB Leipzig's new 22-23 third kit was leaked a while ago via Ofoball. The shirt is made by Nike and will be worn in next season's Bundesliga campaign.

RB Leipzig 2022-2023 Third Kit

This picture shows the likely colors of the Leipzig 2022-23 third shirt, made by Nike.

The Nike RB Leipzig 2022-23 third jersey will likely combine the colors purple and pink, with purple probably being the dominant of the two.

Nothing specific about the overall design of the kit is known yet. It is once again possible, however, that the RB Leipzig crest will appear in some monochromatic form.

Several Nike RB Leipzig 22-23 products were leaked by Ofoball and are what hint at the purple and pink colors.

The Leipzig 21-22 third jersey also features some pink in the form of side stripes and subtle amounts within the graphic design patterns.

The Leipzig 22-23 third shirt is set to be the fourth time in a row that Nike provides the Red Bull owned club with a bespoke third kit. It will likely once again be geared more specifically towards Champions/Europa League matches, though.

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