Amazing Castore Hamburg 22-23 Third Kit Concept - Winner of Design Contest

FIFA Kit Creator recently held competition for designing next season's confirmed and rumoured Castore-made kits. The teams eligible included Sevilla, Leverkusen, Hamburg, Feyenoord and Aston Villa.

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Hamburg 22-23 Third Kit Concept

The winning entry for the Castore kit contest was created by Cheezime. They created a concept shirt for Hamburg, called "Dämmerung" (Dusk).

The jersey is meant to be the club's third kit for the 22-23 season. Inspired by Hamburg's sunsets, it also features the city's skyline, which is placed in front of a fiery pink/orange sky.

The sky gets lighter and bluer towards the top of the shirt, with all logos and the skyline appearing in dark navy blue.

Instead of the regular HSV logo, only the iconic diamond shape is used, something we have occasionally seen Adidas do as well.

Be sure to check out some of the other contestants' designs on FIFA Kit Creator.

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