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FIFA Ban Palmeiras 2022-23 Away Kit

Chelsea are facing Palmeiras in the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup final currently. In the match, Palmeiras are wearing their old 2021-22 away kit instead of the new one. Let us find out why.

Palmeiras 2022 Away Kit Released

Forbidden By FIFA: Palmeiras Kit Has Pinstripes Created With Text

Picture via Mantos do Futebol.

The Puma Palmeiras 2022-23 away uniform has been not allowed by FIFA because FIFA forbid any kind of message on the uniforms in all parts except under the collar. The Palmeiras 22-23 away kit has a pinstripe design created with the slogan "Por Um Futuro Mais Verde" (For a Greener Future).

FIFA only allow slogans in one area - below the collar

All other elements of the Palmeiras 2022-2023 away shirt would be allowed by FIFA.

The only possibility for Palmeiras to wear the new kit would have been to adjust the kit - usual pinstripes instead of the "worded ones".

Should FIFA adjust their kit regulations to allow kit designs created with letters? Comment below, and feel free to check out the full FIFA Equipment Regulations.