Nike A-League 22-23 Ball Leaked - First Look at New Template

The first pictures of the new Nike football for the 2022-23 A-League season have been leaked via Ofoball.

In case you missed it, we recently got our first look at the Nike Premier League 22-23 ball, too.

Nike Premier League 22-23 Ball Leaked

Nike A-League 22-23 Ball

This picture shows the Nike A-League football for 2022-2023.

Most likely based on the new standard template, the new A-League football once again features accents in orange and blue. This is very different from the Premier League ball with its bespoke design.

21-22 Ball

In a way, it's a similar look to the ball that's being used in the current A-League season (picture via r/Aleague).

The new A-League is set to be unveiled in the summer of 2022, ahead of the start of the season.

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