Bellingham Furious After Adidas Predator Boot Gets Absolutely Destroyed

Borussia Dortmund youngster Jude Bellingham caught our team's attention yesterday as one of his boots "broke down" during the game against Köln.

Following a late challenge by Köln's Salih Özcan, which was not called as a foul by the referee, Bellingham was furiously showing his Adidas Predator Edge.1 Low boots, which had sustained a fatal injury: a giant hole appeared in the upper of the right shoe, forcing Bellingham to switch to a different pair.

In the end, the game was paused and Bellingham took his time to switch into a pair of the 'Geometry' special-edition Predator Edge.1 Lows.

Did you watch the game? What do you think these pictures say about the durability of the new Predator? Comment below.