Nike 22-23 Elite Team Home Kits Leaked - Only Leipzig Missing

With the 21-22 season coming to the crucial and final phase, the first major 22-23 kit releases are just a bit more than one month away. And we can already leak almost all Elite Team Nike 22-23 home kits...

Liverpool's home kit releases on 5 May 2022 already

Nike 22-23 Elite Team Home Jerseys - Atletico, Barcelona, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Inter, Liverpool Leipzig, PSG & Tottenham

For the 2022-2023 season, Nike got inspired Total 90 template of 2002-2004. All kits feature the same base construction.

Nike draw inspiration from the Total 90 era

However, while the template is "streamlined", the designs are not. They range from very plain and simple (Liverpool) to outstanding (Atlético). Most of the designs are rather understated with unique elements for each team.

Closer Look: Nike Total 90 2004 Kit Template

Chelsea FC 22-23 Home Kit

Standing out to the Chelsea 21-22 home shirt, the Nike Chelsea FC 2022-23 home jersey is all blue with a white / turquoise henley neckline.

Nike Chelsea 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Liverpool 22-23 Home Kit

The Nike Liverpool 2022-23 home shirt introduces a very clean and understated design in red without any graphics or trim, with just the logos being colored in white/beige.

Liverpool 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Tottenham Hotspur 2022-2023 Home Jersey

Based on the same template as a few other Nike 2022-23 kits including Chelsea and Hertha Berlin's, the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 22-23 home jersey is predominantly white with a circular seam across the chest.

Tottenham Hotspur 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Nike Atletico Madrid 2022-23 Home Shirt

The Nike Atlético 2022-2023 home football shirt boasts a fresh take on the club's traditional white and red stripes. The Nike Atlético Madrid 22-23 home jersey comes with waving stripes.

Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

Nike Barcelona 2022-23 Home Kit

The FC Barcelona 2022-23 home shirt introduces a stylish look, adding dark blue to the traditional Blaugrana stripes.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

PSG Nike 2022-23 Home Kit

After 21-22's plain shirt, the Nike PSG 2022-23 home jersey is blue with a white center stripe, surrounded by thinner red stripes - a reverse Hechter if you will. The back is solid blue.

PSG 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Inter 2022-23 Home Shirt

Based on a variation of Nike's template for 2022, the Nike Inter 2022-2023 home jersey features broad black and blue stripes on the front, back, and sleeves.

Nike Inter 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Galatasaray 2022-2023 Home Jersey

Following up the diagonal design of 2021-22, the Nike Galatasaray 22-23 jersey brings a more traditional halved design. The right half of the Nike Galatasaray 22-23 home jersey is yellow and the left half is red.

Galatasaray 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

RasenBallsport Leipzig 2022-2023 Home Shirt

The Nike Leipzig 22-23 football shirt combines the same colors as last season - White & Global Red. Officially, the Nike RB Leipzig 2022-23 home jersey is colored "White/Global Red/Global Red".

RB Leipzig 22-23 Home Kit Info Leaked

Which of Nike's 22-23 home kits is your favorite? Comment below.