Vicenza "Icon" Kit Designed by Club President Causes Big Problems with Fans

Last weekend, L.R Vicenza’s 120th anniversary “icon” kit caused trouble between fans and club president, Renzo Rosso, with things getting so heated that Vicenza released an official statement on the matter.

Special Edition Vicenza Kit Causes Major controversy

Vicenza shirts from left to right: away, home, icon

The launch of the shirt came as a surprise to the fans, and an unpleasant one at that, as they asked the club not to wear it in the designated match against Ternana on March 6th and to stick to their traditional striped kit. The supporters felt that for such a momentous occasion the team should wear the jersey bearing the classic stripes that they have worn throughout their history, rather than the modern twist of the icon shirt.

Rosso, who is also the owner of fashion brand and club sponsor, Diesel, claimed the design of the icon shirt was all his own work in the pre match press conference, so of course the club denied the fans’ request and played with the new kit anyway . This led to booing and negative chants about the shirt and the president during the game, who himself reacted angrily, sticking his middle finger up at the supporters from the stands. Vicenza won the game 3-1, Rosso was also quoted as saying;

“You don’t change a winning jersey.”

This did not go down well with the fans, who waited to speak with Rosso after the game and voice their dissatisfaction with the situation. Once again, this didn’t go well, and their exchange ended with the president proclaiming:

"I expect an apology for these chants about the shirt, because I am one of the greatest creatives in the world of fashion.”

The fans decided to boycott the 120th anniversary celebrations in return, and after three days the whole incident prompted Vicenza to release a statement via their social media channels. They said that relationships had been strained and the tone had degenerated over the previous 48 hours, which displeased the club.

"As we have always reiterated, the red and white colours are important, as is safeguarding the history of this club, which did not want to be called into question with the use of a third uniform in a championship match, moreover in limited edition, which revisited the style in a modern key, while maintaining the colours that belong to us."

After the 3-1 victory with the controversial jersey, Vicenza wore their black away kit out of necessity in the following match against Monza on March 12th, losing 4-0 in the process. The loss obviously had nothing to do with the change of shirt, but after this episode, you wouldn’t put it past Rosso to claim that it did.

He seems adamant that his team continue to wear the shirt he designed, regardless of what anyone else thinks, so it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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