Wolfsburg Replace VW Logo With Peace Symbol - Special Kit

VfL Wolfsburg have decided to make a clear statement on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. They will be wearing special home kits against Union Berlin tomorrow.

Wolfsburg 2021-22 Special Kit

Here is Wolfsburg's special kit that will be worn on Saturday.

The Nike VfL Wolfsburg 21-22 special kit is a modified version of the regular home shirt. The major change can be found on the front, where the Volkswagen logo has been replaced by a large peace symbol.

This change is certainly made possible by the fact that VW's logo is round like the peace symbol, meaning it could easily be covered. Fans who already own this season's kit can go to the Wolfsburg shops to get the peace icon printed over the VW logo.

Fans who already own this season's kit can get the peace icon printed over the VW logo

This was done as a gesture to call on Russia to stop the war in Ukraine. Wolfsburg will also be showing solidarity with Ukraine by displaying various peace-themed messages across the staduim's LED screens.

One more thing VfL Wolfsburg did was to transform the center circle of the field into a massive peace symbol. This is the first time we have seen a club do something like this to their pitch.

The special Wolfsburg peace jersey will be available to buy in the club's online shop starting on March 7.

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