Atletico Fans Want Club to Play With Kit With Old Logo Against Man City - Would It Even Be Possible?

On Wednesday night, Atlético Madrid will face Manchester City in the second match of the UEFA Champions League. Many of their fans want them to wear their 21-22 fourth kit that features the old crest - but would this even be possible?

Ever since released in late 2016, Atletico's fans were not happy with the new logo. For the 2022-2023 season, it was rumored that Atleti could fully return to the old logo. The leaked 22-23 home kit features the modern logo, however.

We don't think Atletico will wear their fourth kit vs Man City

Attletico Fans Want Team to Wear Fourth Kit

Atlético's fans want the club to wear the 21-22 fourth kit instead of the 21-22 home kit. Atlético's 2021-2022 fourth kit features the club's old logo that was replaced for the 2017-18 season and beyond.

Atletico Madrid 21-22 Fourth Kit

The Nike Atlético Madrid 2021-22 fourth shirt has a very simple look in red with a white Swoosh, and, most importantly, the old logo.

Home teams can wear any kit that has been registered with UEFA ahead of the season

In terms of UEFA's regulations, Atlético would be allowed to wear any kit that they have registered with UEFA ahead of the season. There is no rule that requires the home team to wear their home kit (called first-choice in the official UEFA Equipment Regulations). This stands in contrast to the Premier League, which require teams to wear their home kit at home.

UEFA just have a rule that "for a final, both teams should wear their first-choice outfield player attire".

Although the fans want it so much, Atlético will certainly not wear the fourth jersey against Manchester City FC.

Would you like Atlético to wear their kit with the old crest? Should they fully return to the old logo? Comment below.