Atlético Ottawa 2022 Away Kit Released

Atlético Ottawa's new 2022 away jersey was released a couple of weeks ago. It is made by Macron and will be worn in this season's Canadian Premier League campaign.

Atlético Ottawa 2022 Away Shirt

Check out Macron's Atlético Ottawa 2022 away jersey below.

The Macron Atlético Ottawa 2022 away football shirt is blue with teal accents. The colours were chosen as they represent the Ottawa flag and the waterways and green spaces in the city. An artistic interpretation of the flag’s O, representing Ottawa proudly is embossed on the front of the jersey. Teal is used on the cuffs, v neck collar and around the seams of the sleeves. The cuffs also have a red and white stripe detail, referencing their home the Macron Atlético Ottawa 2022 away shirt as well as that of their parent club, Atlético Madrid.

The Canadian Premier League slogan of "We are many, we are one" is written below the collar on the back of the shirt. Macron used 13 recycled plastic bottles in the production of each the Macron Atlético Ottawa 2022 away football shirt.

Blue shorts and socks complete the new Macron Atlético Ottawa 2022 away strip.

Made by Macron. What do you think about Atlético Ottawa's away jersey? Comment below.