Incredible Football Made from Old Adidas Copa Mundial & Predator Boots - Creator Gets Invited to Adidas HQ

John-Paul Wheatley has very literally turned his hand to making footballs after years of working in different areas of product design. For his latest project, he created an amazingly intricate ball using old Adidas boots.

92 Panel Football Made From Old Adidas Boots

Wheatley cut up six old Adidas boots - including different incarnations of Predators and a pair of World Cups - until he had 92 small leather panels which he then hand-stitched together to create a football.

Many factors were taken into consideration to ensure the best possible outcome, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Check out the video below detailing the creation of the ball from start to finish.

A painstaking process that required time, effort and a lot of attention to detail, and one which produced outstanding results. The video has been doing the rounds on social media caught the eye of Adidas, who reached out to Wheatley and invited him to their headquarters.

Although this effort has definitely been his most popular so far, this is not the first ball Wheatley has made, you can see some of his other creations below.

How do you think the ball would hold up in a match? Let us know in the comments.