Real Betis Players Wear Vintage Shirts to Celebrate Copa Del Rey Victory

Real Betis won the Copa Del Rey at the weekend while wearing a new kit made for the final, but for the celebrations some of their players opted for something a little bit older, with Hector Bellerin, Aitor Ruibal Garcia and Borja Iglesias breaking out some classic Kappa Betis shirts from the 90s.

Betis Players Celebrate in Vintage Jerseys

It should come as no surprise that the fashion conscious Bellerin was keen to wear something different for the occasion. He showed off his 95-98 Betis home shirt, Kappa's first for the club, bearing the name and number of Polish striker Wojciech Kowalczyk. The on-loan Arsenal man seems to have a few in his collection as he posed for photos wearing a different version of the same shirt when he signed for Betis.

Aitor Ruibal Garcia went for what is probably Betis' best ever away shirt, the turquoise 95-98 jersey, with the number 10 of long-serving Juanjo Cañas on the back. The iconic design of this shirt was brought back for last season's away kit.

Striker Borja Iglesias chose the home shirt that replaced the one Bellerin wore. After three seasons, Kappa created a new kit for the club's 98-99 campaign with a different collar, a darker shade of green and thicker stripes. Iglesias' shirt was printed with the number 11 of Alfonso Perez.

Playing for a club that has so many great jerseys in their back catalogue, you can't blame the three of them for wanting to show off some of Kappa's best work. It was also the perfect time for a tribute to the Italian brand's partnership with Betis. This second Kappa era will come to an end at the end of the season, with Hummel returning for a second spell of their own, having made Betis' gear back in the 80s.

Would you like to some more players follow their lead and show off their vintage shirts when it's time to celebrate? Comment below.