5 Best and Worst 22-23 Kits So Far

With so many jerseys for the 2022-23 season being released or leaked in recent weeks, we thought it would be nice to pick out some of the best and worst received kits. To do this we used Football Kit Archive, which has a 5-star ranking system.

2022-23 Kit Ratings

For the ranking we took a look at both leaked and released shirts and only included those that had gained over 20 votes.

5 Best 22-23 Kits

5. Arsenal Home - 4.2/5

Arsenal 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

4. Milan Home - 4.2/5

AC Milan 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

3. Barcelona Home - 4.3/5

FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

2. Arsenal Away - 4.4/5

Arsenal 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

1. Gladbach Home - 4.5/5

Gladbach 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

While Gladbach are yet to reveal their new home shirt (this weekend), we already know the exact design of it. According to voters on Football Kit Archive, this is their highest rated jersey of the 2022-23 season so far.

5 Worst 22-23 Kits

5. Juventus Home - 2.7/5

Juventus 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

4. Chelsea Home - 2.7/5

Nike Chelsea 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

3. PSG Home - 2.5/5

PSG 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

2. Atletico Home - 2.1/5

Atlético Madrid 22-23 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

1. Tottenham Away - 1.7/5

Nike Tottenham 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

All in all, it seems Nike have some very poorly received designs for the 2022-23 season, while Adidas and Puma enjoy higher approval ratings so far. Nike are responsible for 4 out of the 5 worst-ranked 22-23 kits.

What are your favorite and least favorite 2022-23 kits? Comment below and go vote on Football Kit Archive.