All-New Dinamo Bucharest Badge Released

Romanian Club Dinamo Bucharest will have a new badge from next season onwards following two votes, one for the fans and another for club legends.

New Dinamo Bucharest Crest

Fans were given the choice of five different options with a range of different styles, all of them incorporating a Capital letter D, a dog's head, or both. The winning design has a classic shield shape with the club name in a large font at stylized the letter D symbol. The founding year, 1948, is found at the bottom. The shield has a gold outline and was the only of the five options to feature any colours other than red and white.

The five options included in the vote.

Probably the most simplistic of all the badges in the vote, the winner follows the modern trend of including the team name as a central element, but one difference from the recent trend is that the name of the city is actually smaller than the rest of the name. We have frequently seen the opposite of this with badge redesigns, as clubs seek to emphasise their connection to the city they are from to appeal to a more international audience.

The winning badge topped the poll from both the fan and the legends vote and will appear on Dinamo Bucharest's shirts from the 22-23 season onwards.

Which badge would have gotten your vote? Let us know in the comments.