Exclusive: Manchester United 22-23 Home Kit to Be Not Launched Before End of June/early July

Manchester United will have to wait longer than the fans of other Adidas Elite teams to get their hands on the club's 22-23 kits.

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Man United 22-23 Home Kit to Be Launched Not Before July Because of New Sleeve Sponsor?

According to our information and rumors in the South East Asian kit community, the Manchester United 2022-2023 home kit will be not launched in May 2022. Instead, it will be launched in late June/early July 2022.

The reason is not known but it seems likely that it is because of Manchester United's new sleeve sponsor DXC Technology. The deal with the US company begins on July 1, so that date is most likely for the release.

Manchester United to Sign DXC Technology Sleeve Sponsor Deal

All other Adidas Elite Team home kits are released in May 2022Meanwhile, all other Adidas 22-23 Elite Home Kits will be released in May 2022 - Bayern, Juventus, Real Madrid (all already launched), Arsenal (19 May 2022), and Ajax (this or next week).

Atlético, PSG and Inter won't release before July 2022 because of new sponsorsThere are some other kits that will be likely not launched before July - Barcelona (new main sponsor). Atletico Madrid (new main sponsor), PSG (new main sponsor), Inter (new main sponsor), and possibly more.

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